1. The works of Geoffrey Chaucer, compared with the former editions, and many valuable mss. out of which, three tales are added which were never before printed; by John Urry, student of Christ-Church, Oxon. deceased: together with a glossary by a student of the same college. (1721)
  2. The genuine remains in verse and prose of Mr. Samuel Butler … Published from the original manuscripts, formerly in the possession of W. Longueville, esq.; with notes by R. Thyer. [2 vols.] (1759)
  3. The Intelligencer, Sheridan, Thomas; Swiift, Jonathan (1729)
  4. The dramatick works of William Congreve, Esq : viz. I. The old batchelor. II. The double-dealer. III. Love for love. IV. The mourning bride. V. The way of the world. (1754)
  5. The dramatic works of David Garrick, esq. : now first collected. In three volumes. Carefully corrected. [3 vols.] (1768)
  6. The Lover and Reader; by the author of the Tatler and Spectator, Richard Steele (1723)

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