The Arts

  1. Prints / publish’d by W. Hogarth, and are to be had at his house in Leicester Fields, 1754.
  2. The Builder’s dictionary : or, Gentleman and architect’s companion; being a complete unabridged reprint of the earlier work published by A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch. [2 vols.] (1734)
  3. The art of painting, with the lives and characters of above 300 of the most eminent painters: containing a complete treatise of painting, designing, and the use of prints … Translated from the French of Monsieur de Piles. To which is added, An essay towards an English school. (1738)
  4. An inquiry into the beauties of painting : and into the merits of the most celebrated painters, ancient and modern / By Daniel Webb. (1760)


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