1. An essay on fevers.  To which is now added, a dissertation on the malignant, ulcerous sore-throat.  The third edition. Huxham, John, M.D. (1757)
  2. The history of health, and the art of preserving it: or, An account of all that has been recommended by physicians and philosophers, towards the preservation of health, from the most remote antiquity to this time. To which is subjoined, a succinct review of the principal rules relating to this subject … Mackenzie, James (1759)
  3. A dissertation on the use of sea water in the diseases of the glands Particularly the scurvy, jaundice, King’s-evil, leprosy, and the glandular consumption. Translated from the Latin of Richard Russel, M.D. To which is added a translation of Dr. Speed’s Commentary on sea water. As also an account of … all the remarkable mineral waters in Great Britain. By an eminent physician. (1760)

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