The Winthrop Roundtable: The Intersection of Media and Politics featuring Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams

Just in time for the 2016 Presidential election, legal commentator and social media entrepreneur, Dan Abrams, will offer his trusted perspectives on media and today’s political campaigns at this year’s Winthrop Roundtable.Abrams serves as the chief legal affairs anchor and commentator for ABC News and is a published author and former anchor of Nightline. He worked as chief legal correspondent and analyst for NBC News, as general manager of MSNBC and as an anchor for that network. Abrams first became known for covering the OJ Simpson case as a trusted legal analyst. In addition to serving as a television host, Abrams is CEO of Abrams Research, which connects business and the media with a specialization in social media strategy, as well as founder and publisher of the innovative news website, Mediaite. At this exclusive event, Abrams will provide insightful analysis on current political events and the media’s increasing role in shaping our modern political landscape. Each year the Roundtable showcases a renowned speaker in a keynote address related to current events or cultural exchange, with the intent of inciting thought-provoking conversation and showcasing unique viewpoints to our community. This year the Friends of the Library pilot a new Winthrop Roundtable format, with an expanded cocktail reception on the Cistern followed by a lecture-style keynote address in Alumni Hall. Join FOL at the Contributor Level for two invitations to this signature event. For more information about invitations for FOL members or purchasing tickets, contact Anahita Modaresi at 843.953.6526 or