What’s Happening

The Friends of the Library are pleased to announce our Spring 2018 program season.

From the faculty lecture series to the Winthrop Roundtable, FOL’s programming provides opportunities for lifelong learning that strengthen our community and connects the Library to luminaries across the Lowcountry and beyond.

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Weather Inventions

Tuesday, March 27 | 12:00 P.M. | Addlestone Library Rm. 227 | FREE

Poet Emily Rosko charts humanity’s enduring attachments to weather in science and art through readings from her latest collection. Part of the 2018 Faculty Lecture Series. Lunch provided. Register


Churchill was a Snowflake: New Leadership Habits to Prevent an American Iron Curtain

Tuesday, April 10 | 6:00 P.M. | Alumni Memorial Hall/Cistern Yard

Matthew Barzun, America’s youngest-ever ambassador to the United Kingdom, stewarded the alliance during surprise elections that highlighted growing divisions on both sides of the political spectrum and both sides of the Atlantic. He saw up close the results of a paradox many of us feel every day: Never have we been so connectable, yet never have we felt so disconnected. But amidst the fog of uncertainty, he sees a ray of possibility for less divided times ahead. Sharing lessons from the legendary (Churchill and Queen Elizabeth) and the ordinary (food trucks and foul-mouthed comedians), Matthew offers up new ways of thinking, seeing and doing for accepting and even embracing our growing interdependency.

Following the keynote, please join for an expanded cocktail reception on Cistern Yard.

The Winthrop Roundtable is reserved exclusively for Friends of the Library at the Contributor-level and above.